Life and Work of Irish Celebrity Aidan Turner

What was the Irish actor, star of the BBC’s And Then There Were None, doing before Poldark?

Aidan Turner in Poldark

He’s been the topic of many water cooler conversations since gracing our TV screens as the eponymous, brooding Cornish hero Poldark in the remake of the Seventies drama of the BBC, but Aidan Turner didn’t just appear from nowhere. The 31-year old Irish actor has a varied back catalogue that is surprising, including starring roles as a vampire a dwarf as well as a campaigner for eggs.

Irish TV advert (2001)

Yes, that’s right. Eggs. We have to confess that we are mightily impressed with his spinach frittata.

And also, the boy can dance, also…
Before he went to acting school at the age of 19 (he was a pupil at Dublin’s Gaiety School of Acting, which is also the alma mater of his current girlfriend Sarah Greene), Turner’s talent lay in ballroom dancing. He competed globally in the ballroom and Latin American disciplines, representing Ireland, for ten years, but had to give it up because his parents couldn’t afford the competition costs. But he definitely has not lost any of his moves, as this video. As the cast of Poldark gets ready to film a waltz scene, an associate of the production crew switches the music to a the Brazilian funk tune, Mas Que Nada. The results are glorious. Continue reading “Life and Work of Irish Celebrity Aidan Turner”

Everything You Should Know More About The Upcoming Sherlock Special – The Abominable Bride

What time and when is the new Sherlock on TV?

The new feature-length Sherlock special is on New Year’s Day at 9.00pm, on BBC One.

Watson (Martin Freeman) and Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) return in a one-off special on New Year's Day

Sherlock is back (in time)

Yes, what a shocker: a Sherlock Holmes tale set in Victorian times. Previous episodes of this hugely successful show starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have all been apt adaptations or riffs on the first stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – importing all the high tech options of 21st-century crime-fighting to amazing, and often visually spectacular, effect. Indeed cutting edge modernity has been one of the series’s defining features.

The one-off episode will see Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson in their original Victorian setting

But The Abominable Bride turns the formula on its head -a brand new storyline draped in the initial Conan Doyle locale of a smog-clogged London of dark alleyways, cobbled streets and dangerous drinking dens. Set in 1895 the narrative also blends in another Victorian seasonal favourite – a ghost story. Continue reading “Everything You Should Know More About The Upcoming Sherlock Special – The Abominable Bride”