5 Crazy Facts Of Getting A Real Costumed Stormtrooper

Among the remarkable tragedies of life is the fact that by the time you are old enough to manage the toys you dreamed of having as a kid, it’s no longer acceptable to play with them. For instance, every young Star Wars fan has dreamed of owning an actual, real suit of Stormtrooper armour (just hopefully a little more blaster-evidence than what was depicted in the films). But what would you think of an adult who paid a huge number of dollars for such a thing? Or an entire subculture of said grownups?

Storm Troopers

They exist, and we talked to one of them. Brian Robinson (aka TK-2918) has devoted his life (or, at least, his spare time) to building and wearing display-precise Stormtrooper supplies. He told us …

#5. It is A Borderline Crazy Investment Of Money Plus Time

When there is a big Star Wars movie premier or occasion, they’ll line the red carpet using a phalanx of people in genuine Stormtrooper equipment, likely because it seems cool as shit.

The reality is actually more intriguing. Those Stormtroopers, like our source Brian, are part of the 501st Legion, a fan-run conglomerate that is costuming that Lucasfilm rings up whenever they should make an imperial butt-ton of walking, discussing Star Wars villains. Continue reading “5 Crazy Facts Of Getting A Real Costumed Stormtrooper”

10 Gritty Reboots Nobody Asked For

We’re living in serious times. On what appears like a daily basis the news is littered with tales of destruction and wanton violence, plus it is been that way for a long time now. That is particularly true when it comes to franchises and the pictures Hollywood deems worthy of resurrection. No matter how lighthearted the first may have been, you can rest assured that if a movie comes back now, shit will be dark. It is a trend that became borderline exhausting years past but damn if it shows any signs of quitting anytime soon. With that in mind, we’re taking another look into the future to forecast the next wave of gritty reboots so we ought to expect to see in the coming months.

#10. The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree


#9. G.I. Joe


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