Special Effects Techniques In Movies

Special effects (or SFX) are used in the film and entertainment industry to produce effects that can’t be achieved by ordinary means, such as traveling to other star systems. They’re also used when creating the effect by normal means is prohibitively expensive, for example, an enormous explosion. They are also used to improve visual effects that were normal.

Visual special effects techniques (in rough order of creation):

  • Practical Effects
  • In – Camera Effects
  • Miniature Effects
  • Matte Paintings
  • Hitchcock Zoom
  • Optical Effects
  • Travelling Matte
  • Bluescreen
  • Prosthetic Makeup Effects
  • Animatronic – Models
  • Digital Compositing
  • Wire Removal
  • Morphing
  • Computer Generated Imagery

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Elements Of A Great Films

These same components are present again and again in the excellent movies, like King Kong, The Outlaw Josey Wales, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, McCabe and Mrs. Miller, Meet Me in St. Louis, It Is A Wonderful Life, Sunset Boulevard and Touch of Evil and they are worth highlighting:

Strong Single Line

With one overriding problem or target for the hero – to give the story drive, momentum, plus a feeling of priorities, or in the extreme, a feeling of the first cause.

Digress from that powerful line to enable the movie to “breathe”.

That is, they play with the construction to cause the audiences to rethink their expectations to remark on what’s occurring, and to present words or actions which make an outline, or thematic, point.

 Heroes with moral issue.

The hero does not commit actions that damage other people or commits. All these are characters with moral blemishes, along with the narratives drive toward the moment when the hero uncovers his or her moral blindness.

The audience believes what each is fighting about.

More significant, these movies attach entire clusters of beliefs and values to the two antagonists. The fantastic movies set up, around one fundamental opposition, an array of other resistances that grow till they have national or even international implications, and present the essential predicaments of human life. Continue reading “Elements Of A Great Films”